fitfool (fitfool) wrote in chicken_recipes,

Rosemary Garlic Chicken

Happy with this recipe overall. Only changes I would make for next time would be to actually measure the rosemary (I used too much) and to use more broth to make more sauce. Other than that, this one's a keeper for being a simple recipe that uses split chicken breasts. Why split chicken breasts instead of the boneless chicken breasts? Because split chicken breasts seem to go on sale more often. And...I don't know if it's true but I think keeping the bones in for the cooking helps keep the meat moist and prevents the tough, dried out chicken I sometimes get when I forget to pay attention to my cooking.

And in happy news, I got through 50 recipes for 2007! Brian thinks the fried plantains (tostones) in #48 are awfully similar to the fried plantains in #13's Portuguese Breakfast. Here's the difference...#13 is with sweet plantains and they're fried/sauteed in butter. In #48, I used vegetable oil and salted them. They tasted different enough to me to count.

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