carlamoose (carlamoose) wrote in chicken_recipes,

Chicken Curry

Only once in my life have I had curry, and it wasn't even from a restaurant. While in Ireland, I bought a jar of curry sauce because it was on sale. I mixed it with rice and tuna, and it was absolutely delicious! When I came home, I wanted to buy curry powder, but it isn't the cheapest spice around, so I waited. When I was grocery shopping for college, I decided to give in and buy a jar. I found a recipe for chicken curry online awhile back and saved it into an online recipe box.

For the recipe, please visit my blog.
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that looks SOO tasty! :D my boyfriend and i had indian a few evenings ago. we'd never had authentic indian before. it was yummy for the most part. the curry dish we had was really tasty but the basmati rice tasted a little like cardboard. i'm not sure what that was all about. either way, i'd love to try this recipe!

we're not huge fans of spicey things, but i'm sure we could alter the curry.
2 tsp. of curry is spicy, so I suggest cutting it down to 1 tsp. I used regular white rice simply because that's what I had. Hope that helps :)
I am interested in trying your recipe. Thanks for sharing.